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Elektro Monday: 8:00-15:30
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Our team of highly skilled professionals maintains high standards. They can offer a wide range of expertise to cover all your electrotechnical needs. We are proud of our local presence from Svalbard to Bjerkvik and we would be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your electrotechnical needs and to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

We supply complete package solutions for all kinds of electrotechnical installations from major complex projects to minor servicing jobs. We do everything from tender bidding calculations to project planning that includes project management and the installation of technical facilities and plants for individuals, private businesses and public buildings.

Our experienced and highly skilled professionals are dedicated to cooperate with your staff to create and maintain your technical installations; you can rest assured that we deliver quality solutions at the correct time, at an optimal price, with a thought to the most efficient use of resources possible.


A supplier of complete electrotechnical package solutions for buildings, plants, dwellings and the Rehab/Rebuild/Extensions market

  • Project planning, installations and servicing for high and low voltage plants and facilities

  • Documentation and calculations using modern computer tools

  • Conventional electrical installations and intelligent house solutions

  • Lighting, heating and energy controls

  • Alarms and fire warning systems


Supplemental services and servicing

  • Antenna systems, cable TV and parabolic antennas

  • Information Technology and security systems

  • Energy efficiency measures

  • Industrial servicing

  • Good web-based solutions for our customer's internal control systems

  • Thermography (DNV approved)

  • Lift and crane vehicles


We have our main office in Tromsø with departments located in Storsteinnes, Bjerkvik, Kirkenes and Svalbard. Feel free to give us a call or send an email so we can let you know what our local departments can do for you!